10 Best Slot Car Sets 2017

top 10 best slot car sets

As a kid and especially a young boy, there has always been that one gift that lasted for years and put a smile on our face! One in particular is the moment we unwrapped the best slot car sets and assembled the whole thing together, before testing the limits of our model cars. Slot car sets are amazingly fun for the whole family.

Scalextric is a known brand for slot cars and slot car tracks, however, they are also quite expensive. We have diversified our best slot car set review in order to give you broad overview of the different slot car tracks and different types of slot car racing rings, other than the scalextric cars.

Some toys just like the slot cars, have been around for decades but seem to be timeless. The great thing about timeless toys is that the parents often wish to join the kids because it reminds them of their own childhood. Father’s will especially remember their times with their best slot car sets as their childhood favorite. Slot cars are a lot of fun as a group or alone, riding them along the racing track, ensuring you’re the fastest.

These can go all the way up to professional grade, with massive slot car tracks going a long distance! So because of the great bonding feature and the incredible joy of the toy, please find the top 10 best slot car sets below!

What Type of Slot Car Sets Are There?

As for the sets there are some better known brands and some which are lesser known. The car itself is either magnetic or not, depending on how serious you pay attention to the details. The sets can vary in price from about $100-$800. Of course a lot of these sets are very customizable and additional pieces and sets can be purchased to make it a larger race track or to further decorate it.

Moreover, they can be part of a larger set, like the scalextric series or different brand of slot cars. Usually you’ll find them bundled with everything you need, such as the slot cars, the slot car tracks, the remotes and everything else necessary. The way it functions is by providing the car with an electric current which powers the wheels and make them go fast!

Benefits of Best Slot Car Sets

When you look at the best slot car sets, you’ll instantly notice the price being slightly higher. This however means that every piece of the set is very durable and timeless. You can find endless things to customize these tracks and add cars from all corners. Obviously this helps to make a single toy last forever and make it look different and more fun.

You’ll mostly find that with newer models of cars the replica slot car can be purchased to add to your set. Ultimately, it’s all about having fun with the slot cars and the best slot car set will provide you with hours of endless fun individually or with your family, such as your son or daughter!

Downsides of Slot Car Sets

If you don’t get a quality slot car set, you might be disappointed to see that your cars will fly out the race track a lot and break easily. Additionally you’ll most likely be stuck with what you got and finding add-ons will be near impossible (especially with unknown brands).

This also means that replacements are going to be a tough bet! It’s important to ensure you buy the proper equipment the first time around, and the slot cars and slot tracks are all compatible together! This will ensure you have the best time when you are trying set up your slot cars, slot car tracks and have the best time possible!

Top 10 Best Slot Car Sets Comparison Table

PictureNameNotable FeaturePriceRating
Carrera Digital 132 Hybrid Power Race PlaysetWireless Controllers + up to 6 players$$$$4.5
Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Race SetLooping$$3.5
Carrera GO!!! - Final Lap! Track SetVery Basic$2.5
AFX 21018 Super International (MG+)Interesting Track$$$5
AFX 21019 Super Coupes (MG+)Pit Building$5
Giant (MG+) Set with Lap CounterGiant Track$$$5
Scalextric Continental Sports Cars Set (1:32 Scale)Lap counter + 3 layout options$$3.5
Carrera GO!!! Disney Pixar CARS Ice Racers 1/43 Scale Electric Slot Car Race SetCars Themed$$4
DMXSLOTS Starter Kit - Next generation slot car racingLane Changing$$5
Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack System including two RC Cars and Handsets with Artificial Intelligence. A Next Generation Tech Toy! (Starter Set)AI helps stay on track$$3.5

10. Carrera Digital 132 Hybrid Power Race Playset

If you want to throw a giant gathering with up to 6 people and 6 different slot cars on one track to throw a tournament or clearly see who can be the best racer, then you might want to get your hands on the Carrerra 30173 Power set. Obviously there can only be one ultimate racer and this is the track to prove it!

You’ll find that you get wireless controllers to race your cars with which makes the whole experience a lot more interesting! You can sit from a distance and enjoy the fun from there! It’s probably one of the greatest slot car racing sets as you can have quite a few friends around but also enjoy it alone or in smaller groups.

9. Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Race Set

Who hasn’t laid hands on a Mario Kart game before? Everyone that played it before knows how fun it is to race their friends with the Nintendo characters. Now they can do the same with a replicated racetrack from the series with the Carrera Go Mario set! Take the virtual world into a physical challenge.

The track features a giant tilted curve as well as the loop in the middle. The Nintendo Mario Kart will in itself be a nostalgic experience, and combine that with the fun that is slot car sets then you’re going to have the best time! The replicated slot car tracks are very identical to the video game, but obviously not as long as in the game.

8. Carrera GO!!! – Final Lap! Track Set

Carrera Go!!! is one of the brands where you can find anything from very basic models to incredibly advanced sets for professionals. You can also buy a lot of different slot cars and add them to the track you own. As for the “Final Lap” set, you are looking at something for the younger generation to have a bit of fun with and nothing too serious, yet a little challenging.

To simplify the fun and process, this set is a very quick set up and easy to handle. As for the price, it is of course one of the biggest attractions! This a great set for those slightly more experienced with slot cars and looking to have a great time with the younger generation!

7. AFX 21018 Super International (MG+)

You’ll find that AFX makes very standard car slot sets. But you’ll also find that the quality is exceptional and worth more than what you pay for. The 21018 Super International set has one of the most challenging slot car tracks and corners that require you to do more than just keep the acceleration button on full speed.

Try to beat your record and you’ll find that your cars will quickly spin out of control. Only a true champion knows how to handle the speed and adjust it! With that, you’re going to have a fantastic time enjoying the AFX series. A lot of patience and skilled accelerations are required to beat the high scores!

6. AFX 21019 Super Coupes (MG+)

In number six for our best slot car sets review is the AFX 21019. This track is one of our favorites for several reasons. It is a very basic one but has everything it needs, including hard to manoeuvre corners. Slot car racing can get boring very quickly if there’s no challenge included but also if it’s too hard (especially for kids).

The AFX 21019 keeps that in mind and has a perfect balance of both. The price is incredibly attractive as well and because we mostly play with our toys for a few months (maybe years) and then chuck them away in the attic, this is well worth it. The cars alone, for this set, are probably worth the price as well!

5. Giant (MG+) Set with Lap Counter

Next up in our best slot car sets review is the Giant MG+. This race car slot is where fun and business come into play! Once set up, you will spend hours on this track because not only will it take some time to reach one lap, it is also a massive track with several curves, bridges and more to have endless fun with!

With a lap counter you’ll never lose track of what’s going on. Do note that this isn’t for smaller children as it may cause difficulty. This is geared towards hobbyist and slightly experienced slot car racers! That is not to say that kids who want to have a go with slot cars aren’t allowed to join in on the fun!

4. Scalextric Continental Sports Cars Set (1:32 Scale)

Not only do you get a massive race track that includes 16′ 4″ of track, you are also able to customize that very same set of tracks into 3 different routes. Train on each route to become the best and prove it when facing your friends! So instead of having just one you get 3 scalextric tracks and can probably try to build your own creations as well.

So that there’s no cheating simply set up the lap counter and let the competition reach a new high. This is also the brand that is fairly well known, however they are also slightly more expensive than the average slot car tracks and slot car racing cars! But the price is justified with having some quality and long lasting fun!

3. Carrera GO!!! Disney Pixar CARS Ice Racers 1/43 Scale Electric Slot Car Race Set

In number third for our best slot car sets review is the Carrera Go! Disney edition! Anyone who’s seen the great Pixar film Cars, knows how fast the main characters turned into iconic symbols for kids toys! What better way to theme a car slot set than for that movie? Now children can race their favorite characters on an actual set.

Because this isn’t the easiest track, you need to learn how to use the acceleration properly and actually test the limits of speed as well as patience! Believe it or not but that is actually a good skill for kids to learn to be patient in order to achieve certain goals. It’s going to take some practice until you master this one, but once you do, you will have a fantastic time enjoying this!

2. DMXSLOTS Starter Kit – Next generation slot car racing

In number two for our best slot car sets is the DMXSLOTS Starter Kit.Not only is the DMXSLOTS a great starter kit, but you can actually purchase a lot of add ons and train harder, become better and faster at slot cars if you want to take it further than just an occasional game! The slot car fun can quickly turn into an exciting hobby and this set is perfect for it if it does!

Another quite interesting feature which is bound to increase the fun, is that you can switch lanes at any point, adding to the realism of the game! This will constantly keep you engaged in building more slot car racing tracks!

Note: If you purchase more than a certain amount by this manufacturer they’re giving away vouchers for future purchases.

1. Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack System including two RC Cars and Handsets with Artificial Intelligence. A Next Generation Tech Toy! (Starter Set)

The number one place for our best slot car set review and amazon’s best seller is by Real FX racing! Most of the kids who just want to race don’t need the top gear straight away. If they do, they would probably not be able to handle it and get bored very quick, which ends up as a waste of money.

Getting something like this, which is perfect for starters, will ease you into the life of the slot race cars. Very affordable and numerous features such as the artificial intelligence which helps you stay on the track longer. You cannot go wrong with this model! If you’re confused about all the different slot car racing sets, this is your safest option!

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