10 Best Compound Sliding Miter Saw 2017

the best miter saws for your workshop!

Miter saw’s have always been a staple of the hardware and wood working workshop. They can cut through nearly anything and everything, but most importantly, at extreme precision. Wood working is always reliant on precision and a miter saw is no different in this process. The best compound sliding miter saw have the ability to be built into a table and be used as such.

It’s highly important to know exactly what is you need the miter saw for. If you’re profession is to make furniture or to build things wood, then you have definitely consider getting one of these. In comparison to a manual saw, the precision, accuracy and efficiency is unparalleled with the best compound sliding miter saw.

These will give you the flexibility and ease to continue building everything and anything you wanted. The process is fairly simple, decide on what it is you want to cut, the size of the wood and so on and you make markings on the wood. Then you simply push the object through that you want to cut, and the miter saw does everything else. It’s extremely easy to use, but it can also be extremely dangerous if you’re not careful.

It takes practice to understand exactly what it is you can and can’t do when operating a miter saw. In recent years, inventors have been coming up with ideas to prevent injuries during operation of a miter saw, and the technology is based on the blade recognizing whether it is cutting into wood or flesh. [link] This has not become widely established just yet, but it will be in the very near future. Continue reading our best compound sliding miter saw review!

What Type of Compound Sliding Miter Saw Are There?

There are a few different variations on the best compound sliding miter saw available to purchase and customize with. The most common is the variation that you install directly into a table, which you can then use for pin point accuracy, as this saw remains stationary and won’t require you to move it around and operate it loosely.

This is also the best type of this saw because of its safety aspects that help it enhance the cutting experience. This is highly important when using such a device as it cause huge amounts of damage if not operated properly and carelessly.

Other versions include those that are slightly more flexible and have a bit more mobility to them which you can then move around. The benefits of this is of course the fact that for large and heavy objects, you won’t need to lug them around and pop them up on a table, rather you can take the saw to it. The drawback on this variation is that it won’t allow for pinpoint accuracy.

Benefits of Best Compound Sliding Miter Saw

The benefits are plentiful if you are an avid hobbyist or professional wood worker and frequently handle and operate with wood items, such as furniture building, or building houses and so on. You will save a lot of time and create an efficient work style when cutting wood. It’s important to understand that miter saws and the best compound sliding miter saw are considered as heavy machinery and thus should be treated as such.

Downsides of Miter Saw

The downsides can vary in a few different ways depending on the miter saw you purchase. Most are equipped with the necessary equipment so they can be mounted and attached to your wood working station. The downsides can be in that you need to ensure to purchase the correct miter saw for your shop, and the correct size. Moreover, it also depends on the type of saw you need to get, the speed, the size, so ensure that you are buying the correct miter saw for the purposes that you need it for. Continue reading for our best compound sliding miter saw review!

10. PORTER-CABLE PC15TCS 15 Amp Heavy-Duty Circular Saw, 7-1/4″

To kick off our best compound sliding miter saw review is the Porter-Cable brand with a heavy duty miter saw with great amount of power with its 15A motor. This device is quite light at 11.3lbs and so it reduces fatigue. The bevel capacity is at 45 degrees which is fairly angular. It has a steel shoe which allows for the best and optimal line of sight.

Lastly, the spindle lock gives it the ability for single wrench changes. This is a great miter saw built for an entry level device with a great price tag.

9. Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Next up in our best compound sliding miter saw review is the Rockwell Blade runner. This machine is has a traditional guard and the riving knife system gives it the option for unlimited cross and tip cuts. It’s very lightweight and also quite small so it’s easy to carry around. You can easily set it up in just a few brief moments and get the action going for it to start cutting metal, plastic and wood of course!

It users the standard t-shank jigsaw blades so you can interhange them with your own as well. It has an adjustable miter gauge that goes from 0 to 60 degrees for those angled cuts!

8. WEN 3920 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light

Next up is the WEN 3920 miter saw. This item comes with a variable and adjustable speed between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. You can cut wood up to 1.9 inches thick and 16 inch depth. It has a spacious table that can be adjusted up to 45 degree angles for angled cuts. The cast iron body provide has a stable base with the vibrations being very limited. It is supplied with an air pump, dust port, two extra blades and a foot lock clamp.

7. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity – 120V

Next up in our best compound sliding miter saw review we have the DEWALT DW745. This unit weighs 22kg and fairly sizable foot print makes it a highly portable yet extremely functional miter saw. It has steel roll cage around it to protect from any drops or impacts on the site of the job. Moreover, also has a rack and pinion fence system, fence locks and clear scales in combination make this one of the great miter saws to use. It has a powerful 1850 Watt motor for very high performance. Fence system has 610mm rip capacity in portable design for cutting large sheets

6. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

The SKIL Wet tile saw is a stainless steel top and corrosive resistant blade. The rip fence with miter gauge is designed for complete accurate miter cuts and straight cuts. It also has a blade cooling water reservoir to keep the blade cool while minimizing dust and debris. The bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degree. This is a fantastic miter saw for cutting all sorts of materials.

5. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw Kit

Next in our best compound sliding miter saw review is the Rockwell RK3441K. This is a very compact sized miter saw which is very portable, ease of control and excellent maneuverability for operation. It has small  and thinner blades which causes the tools less strain. This will allow the full size circular saw cut efficiently. Easy depth gauge level and very quick set up. The depth adjustments is up to 2 inches. This guy weighs less than 5 pounds.

4. DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

In fourth for our best saw miter list is another by the DEWALT brand is the DW715. This is a great single bevel compound miter saw. It comes with a very sharp and thin saw. It includes a carbide blade, blade wrench, dust bang and comfortable side handles for operation. The miter detent override ability allows you the blade to stop and adjust without the saw slipping into detents. The stainless steel miter is adjustable with 11 positive stops. Has a tall sliding fence that supports crown molding. Nested and base moulding up to 6.5 inches.

3. Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw

The Rockwell RK3440K Versacut is a very powerful and compact while still being multifunctional. The circular saw can indeed cut all sorts of materials. It has a balanced  design which is lightweight and compact. It has an integrated laser guide indicator for those perfectly accurate cuts. The depth indicator is adjustable for precise cuts. It has a powerful 4 amp circular saw. It’s slim and ergonomic design for easy maneuverability. Easy to set depth of cut indicator. Great miter saw!

2. Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Coming in at second for our best compound sliding miter saw review is the Hitachi C10FCE2. This brand is extremely well known in the industry for the products they great, at industrial level. It comes with an up to 52 degree miter angle and large extended flip fence which you can raise 4″ to cut crown molding vertically. The handles are soft and grip adds comfort. The carbon brush access allows easy replacement of the saw itself.

1. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw

First, in our best compound sliding miter saw review is the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C. This is a great miter saw with curve control technology which allows you to have 4 different orbit setting. The 5 amp speed motor allows for up to 3,000 SPM cutting power. The 45 degree bevel cut is adjustable with shoe for stability. Has the new and improved wire guard too. We believe this is the best compound sliding miter saw. Get your’s now!

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