10 Best Educational Toys 2017

top 10 best educational toys 2016

As a kid most of our time should be spent having fun and enjoying ourselves. Of course there are many ways this can be done and there are many unproductive ways to do that as well. In the early years, education is very important as a kids brain can absorb information and knowledge faster than adults. Learning languages, algorithms and algebra or basic words is a fundamental process that should be taught early on. The easiest way to teach and have fun is through educational games!

Educational toys are perfect for kids eager to learn. It teaches them about understanding shapes and sizes, basic mathematics and about some responsibility. It’s really good to have them introduced early on, so they can build their cognitive mind and become smart and gain intelligence from an early age.

This is why it’s important to ensure the toys you buy them, along with being fun, they can be a great learning experience for them as well. This way they’re having fun and learning at the same time. The toys we have listed are the best educational toys out there for your sweet little boy or girl.

Lastly, studies have proven time and time again that introducing kids to education and learning on early on, allows their minds to develop much better and in a way that will make the receptive to learnings in the future. Keep on reading to see what kind of educational toys are perfect for your child!

What Type of Educational Toys Are There?

Educational games vary in all forms and categories. Whether you want your teenager to further enhance it’s knowledge or your infant child to grasp the basics of life, everything can be found in a joyful game. Of course there are better and worse games. The best educational toys don’t always have to be the pricer options either. A lot of times the non-digital games have the greatest results.

These are varied in the type that allow them to draw out shapes and sizes. This is great because it teaches them early on about handwriting and the importance of using your hands to draw or write. There’s also types that teach the child about the body, such has human anatomy, which is great to understand biological differences in a human.

Others are physical toys that you can play around with, such as a toy clock that teaches you how to read an analog clock. This can also be a combination game to teach you maths and how to count from one ’till twelve. This is another perfect example of a toy becoming educational in one product.

Lastly, there’s also a card pack that allows you to memorize questions and answers. This is perfect game for multiple children to play with each other, sort of like trivial pursuit. While not only a great away to become educated, it’s also a great team building for two young children to become acquainted.

Benefits of Best Educational Toys

Purchasing and practising with great quality toys can be beneficial for many years to come. Of course the child will outgrow certain toys eventually but the best educational toys will have years of fun and knowledge to share. The better toys will also last longer in terms of quality and have a variety of information to teach. Good toys are also challenging and fun, rather than easy and repetitive.

As stated previously, the best educational toys allow your child to learn while having a great time, having fun and most importantly learning, as well. This is hands down the best benefit of educational toys. It can be a great way to learn, and a great way to play games with your child as well.

Moreover, the best toys will have fun and education integrated together which is designed to pull your child into the game over and over again. These types of toys are perfect because they allow the child to build positive stimulation and attach to something educational. Not only does this encourage the child to learn more, but also adds positive reinforcement to the behavior, which will encourage them.

This type of long term encouragement is what will lead them to become fascinated by learning and educated in the future. This is a highly important factor to understand when looking to buy educational toys for your child. The long term effect is what is vital in this matter.

Downsides of Educational Toys

It is very important to find toys that aren’t teaching wrong stuff. As mentioned in the introduction, children have very influential and innocent minds so they will absorb a lot of information. Teaching wrong knowledge will stick to their minds and could have a negative effect. Make sure to choose carefully and also pay attention to the recommended age group as you want to advance your child’s knowledge rather than hold it back.

Lastly, when looking for such toys, you will need to differentiate between what is educational and what is simply a toy. While others encouraging learning rhythm and music, other’s are designed to learn things like timing and math. We have listed what we believe are the best items for you to look at, so please enjoy our list of the best educational toys for children.

10. The Magic School Bus Human Body Lab

Explore the fascinating world of the human body with the magic school bus body lab! Included are cling ons, posters, a 17-inch human skeleton and much more. Through activities, experiments and games your children will learn how the human body works. Let the inner scientist of your child come out and get to work by educating it’s brain on the human anatomy and physiology!

This is a classic toy for children. It’s a perfect educational toy to learn about anatomy, the human body and the basics of human biology. This is great if your child is an aspiring scientist or generally very interested in science. The magic school bus is a classic and will always remain on the best educational toys list.

9. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

This is probably one of the best featured toys for toddlers for many reasons. Not only will you be able to help them take their first steps faster and easier than ever, you will also watch them educate themselves in numerous ways.

The interactive removable panel has singalong features as well as melodies and fun activities for babies to be entertained endlessly. This is a great way for children to build up their musical side and understand the concept of rhythm and music through this educational toy. Of course, not only that but it also helps them with walking, sort of like a walking aid.

8. 3D Spinosaurus Dinosaur Puzzle by Boneyard Pets

Every kid has a fascination with dinosaurs at one stage in their life. The 3D Puzzle by Boneyard pets, let’s your children become archeologists and reconstruct the deceased reptiles, thus transforming their room into a historic museum!

Let kids understand anatomy and the history of our world with these simple puzzles that come in various different colors. Children who are amazed with dinosaurs, some of the earliest animals to ever have existed, will be sure to fall in love with this dinosaur puzzle, teaching them about dinosaurs and hand-eye coordination. This is it belongs in our list of the best educational toys.

7. Lego Educational Toys Premium Legos Sets Kids

In every child’s room there should be at least one box of LEGO’s. The educational box let’s children build their empire from the ground up. With all the educational benefits, such as hand-eye coordination, motor skills, it also helps to think in a creative, divergent problem-solving manner which are crucial in early as well as later stages of life!

Legos are another perfect set of educational toys to teach kids about building, shapes, sizes and of course imagination and creation. This adds to their artistic side that will help their minds expands and become smarter when they understand how to build and create.

6. Osmo Gaming System for iPad, Genius Kit

The osmo gaming system genius kit comes with 5 different games. Although you must own an iPad, these games are not only incredibly fun, they will be able to entertain your kids for years. With puzzles, art, science, math and more there really is no limit to how much you can learn. A very interactive toy that can be played alone or in groups!

This a great set of games, as they are the perfect method to teach you about things your child cannot understand yet. The iPad has become a fantastic way to teach kids with intelligent puzzle games that educate your child in many different ways, and the osmo system is no different.

5. VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

VTech are masters in creating toys to for babies to explore the functions of human bodies and what they are able to do. The Rattle microphone therefore specializes in letting your children discover their voice as well as their motor skills by rattling the microphone and pressing buttons.

Different sounds and noises appear with different movements, all of which guarantee a smile on your child’s face! Number 5 in our list of best educational toys, this is definitely one that belongs as it again teaches about imagination, creation and the art of rhythm and how much that matters to growing up.

4. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock

This toy is the perfect educational gift for your infant child all the way to it’s early years! This brilliant piece can educate children for many years to come. Start off with letting them learn how to match shapes and sizes and move onto learning colors and numbers. Eventually you can educate them on the concept of time and how to read a traditional clock!

Stepping in at number four for our best educational toys, this is perfect to teach your child about learning how to read an analog clock, counting from 1 ’till 12 and also the various shapes and sizes that are present!

3. Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants 1st Grade Cards

As a parent you want your kid to have a head start in life and what better way than using the smarty pants brain building cards? They include funny games, brain teasers and puzzles that let’s children be educated in a clever way!

The greatest bit about the Smarty Pants cards is that they don’t stop at the first grade. They start with a preschool series and go up all the way to the 5th grade! The third in our best educational toys list, this is a fantastic way to teach your kids about various things that are present in the world!

2. Nancy B’s Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

With the Nancy B’s Moonscope your children can take a tour of the nighttime sky by viewing the different planets and even some craters on the moon. They can also use their activity journal to write down their findings and new discoveries.

Let them explore the infinite space and explore their natural love for science in an almost magical way. Number two for our best educational toys, this is aimed at the young astronomer looking to learn about what else is out there in our wonderful universe, like the next Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

1. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

First words and first steps are the most crucial moments of a child’s life. By enhancing basic physical as well as motor skills as well as building language and cognitive skills the VTech helps your child achieve these through playing and simultaneously learning.

Let them discover the world of literature in a fun and creative way. Drawing their thoughts onto a magnetic board will have years of fun for them! Number one for our best educational toys, this is the all time best seller on amazon, as it is a wonderful educational toy and VTech are not to be stopped here!

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