10 Best Formal Dresses 2017

10 best formal dresses 2016

There are many occasions for which we dress differently, but more often than not we decide to go about casually or casual smart for our daily lives. However for the cherished moments, we tend to step it up a little and wear something rather flattering and make an extra effort to make these moments last even longer.

In these exceptional moments we like to wear one of the best formal dresses we own to make an appearance and also to feel great. Compliments fly across the room and a valuable event will be memorized. But it’s not always that simple to find the right dress. Different occasions call for different types of formal dresses. 

We’ve looked out for the most affordable while maintaining a level of elegance for your outings. The formal dress category is a difficult one to differentiate so we’ve ensured to pick out those that ooze sex appeal while maintaining a low price tag for you. When choosing a dress, you need to ensure it has the best fit as well.

These dresses can be perfect for cocktail events, formal events such as your husband’s boss’ annual new years party or the like. Lastly, they will of course function for date nights with your man, or perhaps when dating someone new, and you’d like to impress them with a beautiful dress.

What Type of Formal Dresses Are There?

Formal dresses can vary greatly. Whether it is the price that changes as you go from unknown brands to designer brands or the style and cut of a dress. Often times you don’t necessarily need to get the most expensive as there are many similar dresses for a much more affordable price. The other main difference is the cut of the dress. Some show a little more skin while others are a bit more conservative.

The longer gowns are suited for operas, formal dance parties and so on. Where as the cocktail dress length is perfect for a nice drink out at a fancy place with friends, or just going out for dinner at a nice restaurants. It’s important to understand when to wear these different types of formal dresses when going to the appropriate place.

Benefits of Best Formal Dresses

A good formal dress will be great to wear for one specific occasion. But once you get your hands on the best formal dresses you know it is money well spent. They will look amazing and last an eternity. Additionally great dresses will not be limited to one event and look out of place for the next. The perfect dress should be something you can wear for a birthday as well as for a wedding or a night out!

While not an everyday attire, having something like this in your closet will always be beneficial, since you never know when you’re going to need it. Having it there as a reserve option, might save you from an embarrassing night when you don’t have anything to wear.

Downsides of Formal Dresses

Although the better dresses may be able to be worn on several occasions, you are still limited to wearing them only at these occasions. On a casual day you may just look like you’re overdressed. Additionally these types of clothes usually cost slightly more than the average jumper or pair of jeans you buy.

The last major downside is that it is pretty hard to find the right dress but that’s why you landed on the right page! We have ensured to include those with many size options which will be perfectly suited to your body. You just need to know your exact measurements, and you’ll be set to buy your favorite dress!

10. Vera Wang Women’s Crepe Gown with Illusion Neck 

Although the Vera Wang gown looks like a very typical dress, you’ll notice that the longer you try and find anything similar to this, it becomes evident that this is actually one of a kind. The illusion neck and overall nicely tailored fit, is exactly what a great dress should have and look like.

This beautiful gown is the perfect addition to fancy dress party, or a nice gala opening. It’s elegant and the length is perfect as well to show you are presenting yourself in a fashionable sense.

9. Adrianna Papell Women’s Floral Beaded Godet Gown 

With an illusion neck top and short sleeves, this dress gets classier once you lok at the details. The entire upper part of the dress is beaded with decorative flowers, excentuating the female side, while the lower half is plain and focuses on the lovely dress. That way your entire outfit can be seen as the gown won’t steal the show away from your shoes!

This nice white dress with floral patterns screams class with its elegant style and beautiful color. You will definitely be impressing your friends with a high quality dress like this. It’s also highly breathable so it’s perfect for the summer season as well.

8. Adrianna Papell Women’s Spiral Beaded Mermaid Gown

Often times people limit themselves to black and dark blue, when it comes to clothes and especially when it comes to formal clothes. It’s almost sad that there aren’t more people that dear to wear something colorful, especially when there’s beautiful dresses like this one by Adrianna papell.

Once you look close you’ll see that there’s a spiral beaded detail and a casual yet formal look to it. It unravels all the way to the bottom in a nice style and maintains a fashionable sense without being to flashy.

7. CCHAPPINESS Women’s Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress with Jacket 

The perfect wedding dress (if you’re not the bride) is just as hard to find as the brides dress. However the search may be over once you stumble across this piece of art. With several colors to choose from and custom service for detailed measurements you have everything you need here.

There is a built in bra as well so don’t worry about getting a invisible bra strap for your open shoulders. This marvelous dress with its lavender color is absolutely fantastic and we love it. Great addition to your wardrobe as it is a fancy dress for those high class special events.

6. Xscape Women’s Cap Sleeve Beaded Back Gown 

This black gown is the perfect dress for formal events and balls. With crystal beads decorated alongside the shoulders, going all the way to your hips, an extra touch of glamour is added to the whole piece. Often times the zipper can make a dress look slightly cheaper, however this one has the it on the side so the dress looks like it is part of your body.

This beautiful and elegant dress has a large amount of materials which allow to be such a special dress. The blend of colors and the smooth fabric which will glide on your body when wearing it, will make this a phenomenal dress to wear.

5. Jessica Howard Women’s One Piece Drape Neck Gown 

The elegant v-cut in the back shows off just enough skin to remain classy. With small and subtle glitter decoration along the entire dress you almost feel like a disney princess at each event whilst wearing this formal dress. With the lace around the shoulders the dress shows a bit of a playful side to its formality.

Another elegant dress and number five in our best formal dresses list is this draping blue dress with floral pattern prints all over, making it highly elegant yet fashionable. This one can be worn somewhat more causally as opposed to the ballroom type dresses.

4. Norma Kamali Women’s Off Shoulder Fishtail Gown 

A formal dress can’t get any classier than this. The off shoulder look is often very hard to pull off when the dress doesn’t have the perfect shape and size. However this dress by Norma Kamali did it perfectly. Whether you’re at a work party or celebrating new years eve, you will steal the show and have all eyes on you because of this dress.

This sleek black, slim fitting dress will have everyone asking you who the latest designer is who made this. An eye-catching dress sure to blow everyone away. Be sure to check whether it’s available in your size.

3. Decode 1.8 Women’s Glitter Lace Long Sleeve Embellished Gown with Pleated Skirt 

The Decode 1.8 long sleeved gown made it on the list for several reasons. Picture yourself on a nice summer night with a slight breeze. The dress will keep you warm but not too warm that you feel uncomfortable. Now picture yourself at a wedding. Often guests are flustered because they don’t know what color to wear.

Black is too sad whereas white is inapropriate as the bride should be the only woman dressed in white. That’s where this dress comes in perfectly! Perfect for the summer time as well with its light tones, this will add a wealth of beauty to your style.

2. BCBGMax Azria Women’s Leola Long Double Dress 

For those of you that may be looking for something a little more elegant and classy, this may the one for you. Although the lower half is rather traditional and on the more conservative side, it plays with the upper half which shows quite a bit of skin but obviously just the right amount. Very elegant and modern.

For someone on the classier side, this is just the right dress. Suitable for the occasions where you’re going out a night with your husband or on a date, this fancy cute little number will show that you’re in touch with your fashionable side.

1. Adrianna Papell Women’s Floral Print Bateau Neck Fit and Flare 

The number one spot is reserved for the Adrianna Papell floral print neck fit. This dress combines cute and feminity in one. It’s easy to see why it made the first spot! You can wear this on any summer day, wedding, birthday night out, formal occasions… you name it! On top of that, the price range is remarkably low and affordable! A must have for anyone looking for a great dress.

Don’t be fooled by the look of this, as this is definitely a formal dress. It’s low-cut but the style is extremely formal. It’s perfect for a summer wedding, cocktail event or just a night out with your girlfriends!

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