10 Best Hooded Faux Fur Coat 2017

the top 10 best hooded faux fur coat 2016

Everyone loves to have a cozy warm yet lush looking coat that can catch certain eyes in winter whilst staying heated. Coats with hoods are even greater because they can protect our heads and ears when the hats fail to do so. Below you will find a list of the top 10 best hooded faux fur coat you could possibly purchase online. If you’re animal friendly you’re in for a surprise and probably enjoy this list even more.

What Type of Faux Fur Coats Are There?

Just like real fur, faux fur comes in all looks, styles, shapes and forms. They replicate the feel and touch of real fur without having harmed actual animals. Faux fur coats therefore comes in all styles. Some may only have hoods with fur attached to them, whilst others may have a bit more fur inside the jacket itself. Sometimes you may find coats that have the fur continue from the hood down alongside the zipper as well.

Benefits of Best Hooded Faux Fur Coat

Of course the most obvious benefit of purchasing and wearing one of the best hooded faux fur coat is that you will have a clean conscious. The quality of good coats will last for a long time. As most clothing items, we are very eager to change our style and switch up our looks after a couple of months if not years. Fur coats however, seem to last a lifetime and have been in fashion for eternity!

Downsides of Faux Fur Coats

There aren’t many downsides or negative points about faux fur coats. Besides the fact that they look very real and you may find yourself getting your coat stolen if you let it lie around a bar. However the other slight disadvantage of fur coats, is that many look very similar. This is why we’re trying to help you look individual with a great variety below!

10. Lark & Ro Women’s Faux Fur Collar Coat

The Lark & Ro coat offers you somewhat of an individual look. The cut and shape of the coat is rather different compared to the typical fur coats you see around. When completely zipped up it looks like a very ordinary jacket, but what lies on the inside is a magnificently comfortable faux fur layer that feels like a blanket.

9. ACE Women’s Deluxe Winter Thicken Mid-length Coat

With one of the more luxurious looks, this coat definitely shows off your curves even in winter. The delightful fur around the neck keeps you warm and avoids having to carry around a scarf. With a belt around the waist area, the coat will make you look even slimmer and gives the jacket itself the look of a dress. Very feminine and very elegant!

8. Nautica Women’s Short Puffer Coat with Faux Fur Trim Hood

If you’re on the move a lot and/or live in a city, this may be the right coat for you. With a very stylish yet sporty look, this coat fits perfectly and keeps you at comfort levels once you step foot outside the house. Slip your hands into the inner cuffs with thumbholes in, making it an even more comfortable jacket, keeping some of your hand warm as well. The hood is of course removable if you wish to do so.

7. ACEVOG Wool Fur Trim Hooded Parka Jacket Coat

As soft as it is on the outside it’s even softer on the inside. The fashion factor is obviously a huge plus on this coat as not only can you chose from tons of different colors for this model but just a glance at it will make you fall in love. It combines a very elegant and classy street look with a bit of a childish background, which makes it so special.

6. Black Rivet Womens Cascade Hooded Jacket Faux-Fur

Dating back long before any of us can remember, these types of cascade jackets made an impression every time it was time to whip them out. Now were well into the years of 2010’s and they still top all the other coats. Not everyone dares to pull them off, but those women who do look and feel great!

Whether you’re just strolling around to go shopping or spending a weekend in the mountains, this is the coat for you!

5. MICHAEL Kors Hooded Faux Fur Down Puffer Coat

If you are into brands, you’re probably well aware of Michael Kors. Bringing out clothing items of all sorts, it comes to no surprise that one of it’s coats will feature this list. The Puffer coat has a great shape and comes in several different colors. Not only will it keep warm and make you look good, it’s also a very practical coat with lots of pockets.

4. Kenneth Cole New York Women’s Chevron Down Coat

The Kenneth Cole New York Chevron coat is one that can be worn more than just during winter days. Unlike most fur coats this one has a bit of a sporty touch to it. With a removable hood it looks even more casual so other seasons can easily benefit from this coat.

Although it doesn’t look it, it is also an incredibly warm jacket, in case you’re looking for something more than just looks.

3. Adelaqueen Women’s Full length Black Mink Faux Fur

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the greatest features of faux fur is that not only aren’t you harming animals for their fur, the coats that would cost you a few thousands are now affordable with a fraction of the price of real fur. This is one of the more luxurious looks and it is of the highest qualities. Glide into the winter looking like a royalty by wearing this coat!

2. KRANDA Women’s Faux Fox Fur Trim Hooded Cape

With this coat it will take you right into a ‘red riding hood’ vibe. The playful, almost poncho like, coat looks so elegant and feels incredibly soft. If you want to wear a nice dress on a cold night, this coat will keep you warm without a doubt. Because of it’s elegance and classy look you are bound to get a ton of compliments once you wear it!

1. 4HOW Womens Faux Fur Lined Parka Coats

This coat comes in many great colors and is very popular in it’s style. You will find that the hood has been decorated with faux fur alongside the edges but the greatest feature about this coat is that the inside will feel like a cozy blanket as it is completely covered in fur as well. So whilst you look great you will feel the comfort on your body too!

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