10 Best Crossbow 2017

top 10 best crossbow 2016

Crossbows are traditionally an evolution of weaponry. Before their existance, the projectile art of arrows usually were shot through bows. But since, crossbows have evolved a lot and even the best crossbow will be more than just a weapon. Whether you decide to purchase a hunting crossbow or simply one for sports and shooting some arrows in the backyard, this crossbow review will go through all sorts.

Interestingly enough, a crossbow can be really fun just to aim and shoot at targets like with a regular bow and arrow. The fact that they are more powerful and customizable make it even more attractive for most users. There are crossbow scopes, strings and many more smaller accessories that can make a massive difference to your favorite gadget.

What Type of Crossbows Are There?

Most crossbows vary in the way they function. Some crossbows are used by pulling the lever whilst others have different functions such as push levers and more. However the pull lever is the most common form. As already mentioned in the introduction, there are many bits and pieces you can buy to add to a crossbow so a basic crossbow can end up looking and functioning very different from it’s first purchase.

Benefits of Best Crossbow

Unlike a gun, a crossbow has a more traditional hunting approach. It seems a bit more fair towards animals and simultaneously you’ll actually have more chances catching several animals unlike with a gun. The simple reason being that all crossbows whether it’s one of the best crossbow or cheaper ones, are a lot more silent than guns. Another huge benefit is that they are actually quite affordable compared to guns and other weapons and you can reuse the arrows so you don’t have to continuously waste money on ammunition.

Downsides of Crossbow

Like most valuables or possessions you own, you have to take good care of them or they will break. Some objects obviously need less taking care of than others. As for items like weapons, you need to be very careful. Not only is it a very dangerous item to have, which means you should make sure children should stay far away from them, but you also need to clean and maintain it for it to be accurate and last long. The good thing about it however, whether it is a cheap crossbow or not, is that almost every small detail is replaceable and there are tons of accessories you can use to add onto them and improve them!

10. Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package with ACU-52

At number 10 we have the wicker ridge with only weighs 6.6 lbs making it very easy to cary around and move about with. If you like to go hiking and spend a lot of time in the woods, carrying a lot of stuff such as tents and other supplies can be a bit tedious. The last thing you want to have is a heavy weapon.

The price range is almost unbelievable when compared to it’s performance so this really had to be listed as one of the top 10’s! Don’t worry about targets that are fast because there isn’t much that will outrun a shot from the Invader 3G. If you’re planning on using this as a hunting crossbow or not, it can shoot up to 330 fps!

9. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow, 4 x 32″

This is one of the best hunting crossbows as you may have guessed by the name already. The bristle retainer is unique in it’s kind and has a patent pending on it by the manufacturer. The grip of the crossbow makes it very easy and comfortable to handle and has finger reminders. There is also a pass-through fore grip for added comfort and efficiency.

Another reason this makes a very worthy crossbow is that although it may not be a cheap crossbow it’s not the priciest either and it comes with many cool features. For instance it already has one of the crossbow scopes attached to it. Of course this is a huge plus for those who like to aim for further targets! It’s also one of the lightweight models listed.

8. Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Crossbow Kit (Rope Cocker, 3 Arrow Quiver, 3 Crossbolts, Rail Lubricant, 3 Practice Points, 4×32 Scope)

As you can see we’re a fan of lightweights and the Carbon Express comes at a weight of 6.9 lbs. The entire structure or base of the crossbow is constructed in one piece. Many crossbow review studies have shown that there is added balance when done so. Although it already looks very compacked and handy through it’s weight, you’ll find that when cocked, the front end profile measures up to a tiny 12.5 inch making it even more handy.

This obviously gives another bonus in terms of manoeuvrability and flexibility, especially in regards to hunting crossbows. Although there are many other remarkable features to this model, it is worth mentioning that the forearm is also adjustable and adapts whichever style of shooting you tend to have.

7. Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow Package

Very similar to the number 9 which is also a crossbow from the brand and manufactuerer Barnett, the Outdoors Raptor FX has a great package combination. This means that it comes with a bunch of crossbow accessories and a lot of great features. With an adjustable butt pad, pass-through fore grip as well as finger reminders for added comfort and perfect hold, these are just a few of the mention worthy features.

Additionally you’ll find that it has custom composite laminated limbs. Make sure to wax the string every ten shots. This is not a must but is highly recommended to keep it in perfect condition. You also want to store it in a climate controlled environment.
If you take good care of a Barnett, a Barnett will take good care of you too!

6. Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package, Black

The Recruit Compound is super light and has the availability to attach great crossbow accessories such as a crank cocking device. Of course it also comes with the finger reminders as well as the pass through fore grip.
For those of you that are looking for something for small-framed hunters this is really one of the best crossbow models you can get your hands on. It’s also ideal for women in that case.

With the purchase of this model you also get a quiver and 3 x 20″ arrows so you’re ready to shoot or go hunting straight away. But that’s not all! The bow also comes with a premium red dot sight as well as a rope cocking device to simplify the entire experience, from shooting to reloading! With so much quality it doesn’t come to a surprise that you might have to take good care of it to keep it at perfect performance levels.

5. SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow, 175-Pound, Black/Camo

For a price to performance ratio this is an incredible deal. Especially if you’re looking for a good quality and easy to use model. The speed may not be the fastest of the list but it still has 260 FPS to show for.

The weight of this crossbow is an unbelievable 4.5 lbs! So if you’re a lightweight fan I think you’ll be happy with this. A lot of crossbow scopes are often very inaccurate. With the SA Sports Empire Terminator however you’ll find that you can hit a bullseye with a steady hand! It is incredibly easy to use and just a pure joy to use.

Again, this is not the most powerful crossbow but it is easy to assemble, very accurate and really good purchase for the price!

4. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Camo Crossbow Package

The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is one of the best sellers and it’s not hard to see why! The 370 stands for the speed it shoots the arrows at! This makes it one of the fastest and most ruthless crossbows for hunting on the list. It is also completely adjustable!

Note that once you start getting used to shooting with this crossbow you will really understand where your money went and you’ll realize it is money well spent. Other models cost more with less accuracy and power to show for. Due to the aluminium rail with shoot through riser construction it is incredibly light.

If you don’t want to scare away your prey through a loud shot, the integrated string suppressors make sure you have a shot that is vibration free!

3. Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package, Large, Camo

With an anti-dry fire trigger you can shoot like a true master without having to worry too much. Nowadays you see more of the construction crossbows with a crosswire string and cable system. Of course that construction can only be found on the best crossbows. But having a crosswire like on the Barnett Outgood Ghost 360, makes everything easier, from reloading to firing the arrows!

It’s almost pointless to mention the finger reminders and pass through foregrip as this is on nearly all the Barrett hunting crossbows. The most remarkable feature on this model however is hte patented carbon riser technology. The reason being, that it makes the bow up to 43% lighter than other models. Finally this model also comes with a special safety and trigger system. Very modern and efficient if you’re looking for something with a higher quality!

2. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

With a length of up to 31″ the SA Sports Fever Crossbow may not be the smallest but it definitely is still one of the most popular ones. If you’re looking for a cheap crossbow look no further because for the price and performance it is really one of the best deals you will find.

The entire compression on the limb is made out of fiberglass. If you look at the whole package, the crossbow will shoot 16″ aluminium bolts at up to 235 fps! If you’re looking to purchase a crossbow for hunting then you can actually do pretty well with this package. It comes with a decent scope, lubricant a quiver and much more. The 20″ carbon fiber darts will shoot at up to 250 fps.

This should be enough to hunt deers and similar animals. Don’t try to kill any bears with it because that will just end up with an injured animal and a bad outlook for you!

1. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 – 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)

At number one we have the Barnett Jackal Crossbow package. Not only does it come with a premium red dot sight scope as well as 3 ready to shoot arrows, it also has a lot more decent and mention worthy features.

It has an incredible power of 315 fps and a very smooth trigger. With synthetic string an dcable system this really is the top of the line for an incredible deal. Of course there’s also a very handy detachable quiver for your bolts. Make sure to take good care of this crossbow and it will last an eternity.

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