10 Best Ice Fishing Rod 2017

top 10 Best ice fishing rod

If you’re interested in the best ice fishing rod, you’re probably fully aware that ice fishing is a very calming experience for those who enjoy fishing. The art is in cutting a hole in the middle of an ice tundra and opening this with a hook or spear. Some like to use a hut that they would sit to provide for a slightly warmer environment when performing ice fishing. These would be called ice shacks, and you would get to these locations with snowmobile or truck.

The more permanent shelters are made of wood and metal. Ice fishing is quite specialized in its form and thus you need to the correct equipment such as a chisel or drill that you use to cut through the ice. Colder periods have thicker ice so you need more to cut through. But most importantly, you need the correct ice fishing rod and we’re going to review the top 10 best ice fishing rod for you!

What Type of Ice Fishing Rod Are There?

Ice fishing rods vary in many ways but these need to be quite stable and durable in order to withstand a lot of action when ice fishing. The angler will sit by the hole and lifting the rod once in a while to produce the jig effect. You would use a colorful and bright jig in order to attract the fish.

Unlike regular fishing you have slightly different materials. The ice fishing gear is obviously specialized for colder conditions and a more stable environment. The rods itself are also very different from competitive fishing for instance. They seem a little more basic and don’t have all the complex modernized functions most regular rods have today.

Benefits of Best Ice Fishing Rod

The benefits of the best ice fishing rod are the fact that they will provide you with a strong and durable rod which is highly important. If you have a weak rod then it’ll snap easily when you go ice fishing, so you need something durable, including the fishing wire that you use.

Especially in the harsh winter conditions, it is vital that you use ice fishing rods rather than a regular one. The cold will make the material more still and easier to snap, which these rods prevent from happening. With this, you use the best ice fishing tackles and baits and you’ll surely have a success!

Downsides of Ice Fishing Rod

The downsides of the ice fishing rod is that you may come across a rod that’s not very durable and thus will break when you go ice fishing. Moreover, you can come across a ice fishing rod that is quite expensive, but this really depends on how experienced you are and what level of rod you are looking for.

Whatever you’re looking for there will always be the right rod for you. For instance, it would be silly to go for the top rod if you’re planning on going ice fishing once a year. If you’re an avid ice fisher, you can probably go for the best and lots of ice fishing equipment and be sorted. Nevertheless we will advise you on the top 10!

10. G loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAR1265C Gl2 Nep

The G loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAR1265C Gl2 Nep is a fantastic ice fishing rod. It’s capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and strength. This makes for a great ice fishing rod for those pesky large fish that usually get away. The material is made of cork and carbon fiber which provides for a strong ice fishing rod!

With some nice ice fishing lures and this rod, you’ll be heating up pretty quick because of all the fish you’ll be catching. This really is a high standard type of rod and anyone from beginner to intermediate should be more than equipped for a good day of ice fishing.

9. Fenwick HMX Salmon/Steelhead Medium Heavy Spinning Rod

The Fenwick HMX Salmon/Steelhead Medium Heavy Spinning Rod is another great and one of the best ice fishing rod made by the Fenwick brand. This is constructed of graphite while using carbon to overlap which creates a high strength and durable rod.

The cork handle provides a great grip for handling and it is highly unlikely you’ll let go of it, while the titanium oxide rings provide a smooth guide for the thread. Get comfortable now in some ice fishing shelters and let the fun begin, as the fish will get hooked like metal on a magnet!

8. Tica DHEA Casting Downrigger Fishing Rod

The Tica DHEA Casting Downrigger Fishing Rod is constructed of very strong and durable fiberglass. It’s extremely light and has a smooth parabolic action for catching those large fish when ice fishing. The ring guides use a good titanium oxide material while the rest of the material is covered in graphite.

This is a very comfortable and durable ice fishing rod. Wether or not you’re equipped with some fancy ice fishing reels, the rod itself is probably all you need with a bit of practice, to catch a basket full of fish. With so many detailed features within the rod you really have some high quality stuff here!

7. Master Fishing Tackle Roddy Telescopic Crappie Pole Fishing Rod, 15-Feet, Ultra-Light

The Master Fishing Tackle Roddy Telescopic Crappie Pole Fishing Rod, 15-Feet, Ultra-Light is a great ice fishing ride that’s compatible with a lot of great ice fishing tackles. This rod only weighs 14.4 ounces. This is a great a starting rod as it’s extremely affordable and has no moving parts.

You can use this for a lot of functions! This is also a perfect ice fishing pole as a gift for someone who wants to get started. It could create some nice bonding moments between father and son for example. With the light weight it’s really easy to handle and on top of that it’s made out of great materials.

6. Okuma Connoisseur Graphite Steelhead Rods

The Okuma Connoisseur Graphite Steelhead Rods is a great ice fishing rod by the Okuma brand. This is a very light rod and is constructed of 2 pieces while having a 10 foot length. It is used by professional fisher around the world as it is a highly durable rod using quality materials.

It is extremely affordable and a great starter rod for those getting into ice fishing. With such a low price it’s quite remarkable how much weight it can hold. It’s definitely labelled as one of the best ice fishing rod because of it’s quality alone. Many people have bought a second and even third pair.

5. Tica UNMB13MH2 Casting Fishing Rod

Tica UNMB13MH2 Casting Fishing Rod is a very strong durable and perfect fishing companion that’s capable of with standing the biggest of fish. This is great for ice fishing but also for bank fishing. The cord hand provides for great grip during fishing and the material of the rod itself is made of high quality graphite while the rings are made of titanium oxide.

This is one of the tougher rods! If you’re planning on catching big fish, make sure you put on your best ice fishing clothing as you’ll need a lot of free movement and strength. This rod can handle the weight easily and it comes at a very affordable price!

4. Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod

The Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod is another great model for ice fishing by Tica. This is a high quality graphite rod and has superior cork finish on the handle for extra grip. The tackle surf rod is a great piece of technology for the fishing bait. This product comes highly recommended and is produced in the US.

3. Tica WIGA Spinning Fishing Rod

Another by the TICA brand, the Tica WIGA Spinning Fishing Rod from the WIGA series is constructed of very strong graphite materials and is extremely light and high strength action. Constructed with titanium oxide and ring guides, this is a great fishing rod that goes along great with ice fishing tackles of all sorts!

You might want to stock up on your ice fishing supplies as you will probably spend all day fishing and catching fish with this rod! TICA is a very popular brand, yet doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves. They’re incredibly durable affordable!

2. Tica HLHB Salmon Steelhead Spinning Fishing Rod

The Tica HLHB Salmon Steelhead Spinning Fishing Rod is a great ice fishing rod that is constructed of high quality graphite. This has a comfortable cork handle that is also durable. It also has hardloy ring guides for the thread. Since it is very durable it’s capable of withholding against large fish.

A great rod for your fishing set if you’re looking for something stiffer. It can hold a large amount of weight yet it reminds in the medium range. It also has a great bend. Hock some nice ice fishing bate onto the end of this rod because the larger fish can easily be caught on this with no problem.

1. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

The best ice fishing rod as recommended by Amazon and a whopping 126 customer reviews is the Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods. This rod features a graphite and stainless steel rod. It comes at a very affordable price while increasing your fishing gears capacity.

It is very easy handling and has traditional cork tape grips! A fantastic rod at a great price! If you’re looking for some top notch ice fishing rods and reels, your search ends here (at least for the rod part). We’re not surprised if you order several of these at the price it’s going for!

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities or fishing specifically, you may enjoy this review as well!