10 Best Travel Accessories For Women 2017

top 10 best travel accessories for women

It’s hard to pack the best travel accessories for women let alone the essential pieces we need to bring along when we leave our home town. Regardless of a trip for the weekend of maybe a vacation in a foreign country, we always seem to overpack and, or forget the most important pieces. But of course it isn’t always as easy as it seems. There are numerous occasions and we have to be prepared for all.

For instance in a hot country it can still be cold, especially at night. So rather than just packing short and light shirts, we also have to bring a jumper or two. But then we might want to go dance so we need shoes to go with the outfit as well as something elegant for a nice evening and before you know it, the luggage is overloaded and we have to make sacrifices.

But not to worry! This review will serve as a guide so you can find out what the best travel accessories for women really are!

What Type of Travel Accessories Are There?

When it comes to packing for a journey or a long trip, there are obviously some essentials we have to bring along. These could vary from certain toilettries to underwear and other necessary clothing. However these aren’t really accessories.

These are more important than things that could make our trip more enjoyable. For instance you wouldn’t really leave without a toothbrush because we need to keep our teeth clean for hygenic reasons. Buying a new one in a differnet location is just a bit of a waste of money and annoying.

Benefits of Best Travel Accessories For Women

The best travel accessories for women can really vary from a wide range. For instance there are several make up items that we can always benefit from whilst others aren’t that important and can easily be bought from other places. However there are certain clothes that are also quite beneficial to bring along and don’t take much space.

With some of these items, a lot can be combined and besides not taking much space in the luggage, can really make you look amazing and even more photogenic for memorable pictures to be snapped of your trip. Some of these accessories can also help for harsh weather conditions.

Downsides of Accessories For Women

Although these accessories usually don’t take up much space, they can still be that one item that takes up the space you need in your luggage. If you overpack it can not only be expensive but really heavy and tedious to carry along. Then on the other hand, there can be items that you brought along which are useless and you end up not using them.

That’s obviously a minor issue but when you have to decide between to items and you make the wrong choice it can be quite irritating. One small tip before we move over to the list, when travelling it sometimes wise to pack very lightly and buy your products in the country itself. Often times we travel to cheaper countries and clothes as well as toilettries can be cheaper in that country!

10 Best Travel Accessories For Women List

10. Highlighters

best makeup highlighter 2016

The reason we put highlighters on the list is simple. We all need a good highlighter and buying these in a different location can cause several issues. For instance, finding the right shade can become a burden and it may be more pricey than you wish. Bringing your favorite brand along from home won’t cost a thing.

Additionally they are tiny and fit in any handbag or even pocket. So that way you’re not stealing any valuable space in your luggage that you could fill with another pair of shoes for instance. So to conclude, this is a simple add-on to your packing list. Quick throw in the purse and you’re good to go!

9. Lip Balms

discover the top 10 Best Lip Balms for 2016

The one item featured on this list which is probably even smaller than the previous one, are lip balms. It is impossible to travel without one of these. No one likes dry lips that crack and hurt whenever we move our mouth. These little gifts from heaven can easily be carried around as well. Especially in dry or cold places.

You never know when you need glossy lips, whether it should be for a picture or to give a smooch to your significant other. Usually we have a preferred brand that we stick to and although they are available in many stores it’s best to stack up with a stash from home before leaving the house.

8. Hairbrush

10 best hair brush 2016

Probably one of the most essential pieces of this list is the hairbrush! Have you ever travelled to a foreign location, checked in the hotel and once you’ve finished unpacking, or worse, had a shower, you realized that there wasn’t a hairbrush in sight? These disasters need to be avoided at all costs.

Depending on your hairstyle, not being able to style it with a brush can end up with a messy or chaotic look. A brush may be slightly bigger than the rest of the accessories but they don’t weigh much. Additionally they make a huge difference to your looks and some of us barely leave the house without combing our hair.

7. Swimsuits

Best Women's Swimsuits

Regardless of what country, city or town you go to, it is always wise to bring some swimming attire along with you. The reason being, you never know when you’re invited to a pool party, go to the beach or want to go to a spa. Compared to bikini’s, swimsuits are slightly more classy, plus they cover areas we’re a bit shy of.

Especially on a holiday where we tend to enjoy ourselves and treat ourselves with some delicious food it can be wise to cover the bloated belly with a nice looking swimsuit. They are super comfortable and take minor space in the luggage when folded up.

6. Necklaces

10 best necklaces 2016

In terms of jewellery you always want to pack light. There are many reasons for it. For instance, you don’t want to lose them along your trip or get them stolen from you. But of course we would like to bring a long a little bit of jewellery because it just makes us look nicer and it feel good to wear it.

But how much is too much? Ideally you’d bring a few rings and a couple of necklaces. Necklaces are the most visible items you could wear and they go along with many outfits. For pictures they are also great as well as nice dinners in chic restaurants. With a nice outfit these go hand in hand.

5. Wallets

top 10 best wallets for women 2016

This may not come as a surprise, but it has to be listed. A wallet is an absolute must as an accessory. Compared to men, women tend to have several wallets that go with different outfits or handbags. It is therefore wise to possibly bring two wallets if you have a lot of different looks for your trip.

Otherwise one wallet that can be combined with several outfits is ideal. Certain brands like Louis Vuitton or colors such as black generally go with most looks. That is because their colors are somehow timeless and regardless of a bright colorful outfit or a classy white/black dress, these can easily be combined.

4. Clutch Bags

Evening clutch bag for your next party!

Almost more important than wallets, shoes and any other item listed here, are evening clutch bags. Especially on oversea trips, you have to choose carefully which ones to bring along. Make sure to choose wisely because you definitely want to avoid the temptation to buy new ones in different locations.

As well all know they can become an addiction and quite pricey. A small tip is to bring one or two in your luggage and carry one with you as you travel. Make sure to have some variations with you so that all outfits can be worn. Weather it is for night out in the club, in the restaurant or just a nice stroll along the sea, there’s always the right bag for you!

3. Hooded Coat

the top 10 best hooded faux fur coat 2016

Although this may not be as much of an essential and the best travel accessories for women we still added it to the list. The reason it doesn’t come as a must, is because mostly when we travel, we like to go to warmer locations and even when it gets colder, it usually doesn’t get that cold.

But for the ones that like to go colder places or don’t want to risk catching a cold on their trip, it is incredibly wise to bring a hooded coat along. If you bring a casual leather jacket for instance, you may be protected from the wind, but the cold will still get to you. If you do bring one of these along, just wear them and save the space in your luggage for other items.

2. Sun Hats

top 10 best sun hats 2016

You may not have one yet or maybe you have several, but regardless of what your situation is, you should always bring one of these along. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a hot or cold location. It doesn’t even matter if you’re going to a sunny location either.

A Sun had just gives you this extremely classy Italian look. Fashion is just another level when you wear one of these. Additionally you can wear these at any time of day, any weather and any occasion. However you may want to be sure it can support wet weather conditions and wind isn’t always ideal with these.

1. Dresses

10 best formal dresses 2016

To finish the list we obviously kept the best for last. The best travel accessories for women always have to include at least one dress. Especially on trips, we are more likely to wear fancy outfits than in our daily lives. Having a few formal dresses just gives you more choice to wear.

Besides wearing the dress just for a simple occasion, they are actually quite comfortable to wear and you can combine them with a numerous amounts of other accessories listed here. This perfect addition to your luggage will make you be prepared for any type of event.

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