10 Best Wall Art For 2017

top 10 best wall art for 2016

A home without paintings or any other type of art on the walls almost feels naked and empty. Therefore it is often a key addition to acquire what you consider to be the best wall art for your home. Paintings or Canvases which hang on your walls can often be ignored but subconsciously put you in a better or calmer mood.

Additionally guests will often see and comment on paintings and other type of wall art. Maybe you want to share your knowledge of a certain topic which is reflected on the painting or you just simply want it to set a certain mood. One thing is clear, wall art is important, so have a look at the top 10 best below!

What Type of Wall Art Is There?

Wall art can vary from genre to genre and there is a great variety for you to choose from. Whether you decide to get a poster, canvas or photograph, there really is no limit of what type of art you may want to pin to your wall. A very popular and not too daring type of wall art is getting your hands on landscape images. They often set a calm environment and don’t say very much.

Benefits of Best Wall Art

Wall art usually shares a bit of or reflects a piece of your personality just the way that certain songs and films may do. It is for that reason that you want to take your time and choose the very best wall art for your home. This way you’ll get somethng you’re happy to have on your wall for eternity. Great pieces of art also set a good mood, and puts you in the “zen” environment you’d want to be in when at home.

Downsides of Wall Art

If you decide to get an original piece of art, make sure the authenticity is spot on because fakes are all over the place and hard to discover. Amazing art work is also incredibly expensive so that can be a burden. Luckily there are many replicas which look almost identical so you don’t have to dip in too deep in the wallet. If you’re looking for a very special piece that you will love, it can often take hours if not days before you decide on one, which is probably the biggest downside.

10. 100% Hand Painted Free Shipping Unframed Good Quality Modern Wall Art Fabian Perez-flamenco-dancer For Home Decor Abstract Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas

The mysterious Spanish woman dancing away in the dark has something very interesting about it. This oil painting is 100% hand painted so you will get the highest of quality if you decide to buy it. Make sure to hang it somewhere fitting as you will without a doubt love to look at it regularly.

9. iCanvasART Panda with Guns Bright Dots By Banksy Canvas Print

The joyful image of a Panda bear holding two guns up with a colorful background puts a smile on everyones face as it combines fun and cuteness with danger all in one. Banksy often has thoughtful images but then again he has a lot of funny ones as well which are just a great addition as a decorative instalment in an office or a home.

8. iCanvasART BNK16 What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity by Banksy

Banksy is known for painting the walls illegally in the streets with powerful messages that gets pedestrians to stop for a few minutes and think about the writing and paining on the walls. Although illegal, his art remains many of the times because it is so thought engaging and simply great! Now you can get that greatness into your homes on a nice canvas!

7. iCanvasART MAE27 Tempest by Marc Allante Canvas

This painting is so great too look at and can be interpreted in a million ways. One this is clear is that watching the rain fall down in several different colors and the couple protected by it under the umbrella is just simply nice to look at. Make sure to choose the right size for the image as you may want to get a larger one!

6. Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, c.1932 Stretched Canvas

The image of the 11 construction workers above the city of New York eating lunch, smoking cigarettes and just casually taking their break like they would be sitting on a bench in the park has remained iconic and fascinating since the day it came out. For them just an average day at work, but for most of us unimaginable to do what they did on that image!

5. Painting on Canvas, Glow in the Dark Wall Art Framed Print, No Energy Use – New York Skyline

New York is a city known by the entire world and it is one of the most powerful cities as well. Known for many iconic trademarks such as the statue of liberty or Empire State Building. There really are endless trademarks this city is known for but the most beautiful one is the overview of the entire city. Now you can look at that astonishing view every day through this painting. It also glows in the dark!

4. ArtWall Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Another hall of fame worthy name in the art world is of course Vincent Van Gogh. The famous dutch painter known for his colorful paintings of either people or certain locations and objects. This one in particular shows the beautiful Terrace of Place du forum in Arles, France by night. Almost a timeless painting as the location still looks identical now.

3. Hands of God and Adam – Michelangelo Buonarroti – Modern Canvas Print Set of 3 Framed ready to hang

One of the most iconic and known images is the giant painting in the ceiling of hidden in the Vatican City which only a few of us can actually see in real life. This painting the beautiful piece by Michelangelo, the hands of God and Adam. This can now be part of your home in the nicely cut up 3 framed canvases.

2. Salvador Dali – Study For The Scenic Backdrop Of The Ballet Tristan And Isolde

Anyone that even has the slightest knowledge of art, knows that Salvador Dali plays a massive role within it. His abstract images are known world wide and are interesting to look at for hours at a time. The slightly mysterious and almost creepy vibe they express almost locks out everything around you when you gaze at his paintings. Almost a must to have one of his pieces at home.

1. John Trumbull Signing of the Declaration of Independence – Brown Gallery Framed Canvas Print

This is slightly more for the patriotic individuals or people who are very fond of history as this painting portrays a very important moment in history. This moment is the signing of the declaration of independence. So the next time you hit the 4th of July you can reflect upon the image and take a great family picture besides it. With a great frame around it this makes a great statement at home.

A home always needs some nice visual art to feel like a proper home. But don’t forget that comfortable furniture shouldn’t be missing either. Check out these massage chairs for instance!