10 Best Wine Cellars 2017

Best wine cellars review list for you

Wine cellars are the epitome of any household. It’s a place for storage of all your good wines and definitely a conversation starter piece. A fancy piece of hardware represented as a fridge, this household item fits into any nook and cranny. They’re not as large as a fridge but rather the size of smaller drinks-only fridge. These things are called wine cellars or wine coolers and are available in a variety sizes and with different functions. The best wine cellars are the ones that bring joy to the owner.

These wine cellars are for wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs and for those of you that simply enjoy drinking wine with the right temperature. Any aficionado would appreciate the cooler. They add a wealth of class to your house by keeping your wine cool and at the perfect temperature, so they are always at the right temperature for when you would like to have that glass with your friends or at a dinner party. You can store all sorts of wine in these wine cellars, anything that needs cooling down to the right degree.

What Type of Wine Cellars Are There?

There are several types of wine cellars. They usually differ in sizes, sometimes smaller ones are more suitable for those who like the occasional bottle of wine. Larger ones are for those who like a lot of wine, or like to collect. Collecting wine is an art in itself. Some of the cellars are those that you can build into furniture so it becomes part of the kitchen or bar. Some are self standing that you can place and more anywhere and don’t require anything else other than plug and play. You can really put them wherever you please. Since they only go down to around 10 degrees celsius, they don’t take up much space in the refrigerating power or cost a lot of energy like a regular fridge.

Benefits of Best Wine Cellars

The obvious benefit of a wine cellar is that it keeps your wine at the exact temperature that the fermented grapes are necessary to be at, for the perfect taste. Besides that it’s a classy item to own. You could put these anywhere in your home and have perfectly cooled wine at all times. Furthermore, the wine is kept at the perfect temperature at all times.

The best way to use these is to get a larger one and have a variety of wines stored in there. Finally, you could also store non-wine drinks in here of course. Rather than having your wine lying around or placing it in a regular fridge, hoping to time the right temperature, the best wine cellars will comfortably cool the bottles to the desired heat.

Downsides of Wine Cellars

Downsides of wine cellars could be seen as maybe that they take up too much space. Other than that there’s not many downsides if you have an actual need for these. They’re very handy and very useful for storing your wine if you need it. Another aspect could be that they might be using electricity but then again they’re quite efficient at maintaining the temperature so they won’t be adding huge amounts of extra usage to your bills.

10. Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cellar is a very classy piece with wooden shelves in between. Many of the wine cellars use wood because wood is a lot more resistant to temperature over steel or metal. The capacity is 24 bottles so you can store quite a lot. It’s quite tall and each shelf has capacity for three wine bottles. A very good one!

There are 2 temperature zones which are cooled individually so you can store both red and white wine. The upper zone holds 12 bottles and has a temperature range which is ideal for red wines. The lower zone also holds 12 bottles and is meant for either sparkling wine or white wine. You also get nice and decent looking LED lights that make the whole fridge even snazzier.

9. Kalamera 50 Wine Cellar

The Kalamera 50 is a big one! It has capacity for 50 bottles, a huge wine cellar that has a lot of capacity for those wine connoisseurs who love wine and buy in it in bulk. It’s not very large in size so it doesn’t take up too much space but it does have a lot of storage space. It has huge capacity for those big parties. This comes in handy when you want to serve a lot of people. A great wine cooler that delivers.

Unlike the free moving wine cellars this one is actually meant to be installed within your kitchen or wherever else you’d like to place it. It also has a state of the art cooling system that concentrates on evenly cooling the bottles and using the least amount of energy necessary. Additionally you won’t hear a sound from this.

8. Igloo 6 Wine Cooler

The Igloo 6 bottle wine cooler is a small handy little gadget for those who are entering the game. You place this anywhere in your house and it has a little glass window in the front to peak in. This is a choice for those looking to enter the market and want to try out a wine cooler. It’s quite affordable as well, and very handy to use.

If you don’t typically have several dozen bottles but still enjoy the odd glass of wine occasionally, this is exactly what you might be looking for. With an adjustable height, you can place bigger or smaller bottles inside. It can be moved freely and doesn’t take up too much space. Obviously this also makes a great gift for parents or friends.

7. EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cellar

This particular brand is one of the best sellers on amazon as you can see for yourself by clicking on either the image or the button below. It’s very large at 36 bottle capacity and has two doors which allow it to have two zones for different temperatures. You can keep two different temperatures sets. This is for delicate wines that require different temperatures or if you love both red and white/sparkling wines.

It is a rather pricey model but it’s definitely worth it for the long haul. You can either use it as a built in model or free standing cooler. The powerful compressor cooling offers wide temperature range. It has an internal fan and carbon filter to keep odours out. With a blue LED light and sliding shelves, you can look and present your wines in a very classy fashion.

6. NewAir 18 Wine Cellar

Looking for a sleek looking metallic wine cooler? This is the choice for you. With an 18 bottle capacity, it’s a very nice model that’s quite affordable as well (there are also larger models from the same brand available). You can store all sorts of wine in this. It’s a thermoelectric fridge much like many others and has a full front glass door and a temperature gauge and controls at the top.

The doors have double-paned glass for added insolation and making sure the temperature stays at it’s optimal heat. They are also made out of stainless steel, giving you that extra slick design and quality, you want a wine cooler to have. Quite fascinating that the price is so affordable for such a high quality fridge.

5. AKDY 32 Wine Cellar

The AKDY brand is a very reputable brand in the wine cellar game. They have a lot of experience in and bring you this 32 bottle model. It’s a single chiller zone much like many other ones. It’s a very nice model and has a silver color to it. A great model and surprisingly also very affordable. Given the size and quality of this wine cooler, it really is one of the best wine cellars. It’s good for those looking to add something to their house with a nice touch to it.

The electronic touchpad that lets you control the temperature and the LED lights that illuminate the wines for display, make this a very attractive piece of furniture for the house. Very modern and slick.

4. Haier Wine Cellar

This all black sleek Haier wine cellar is great. It’s very compact and sleek and has a nice shine to it. The gauge at the top has controls as well. It’s quite small in size and stores 6 bottles but a perfect addition to your entry level wine enthusiasm. It’s very small so it fits everywhere in the house which also makes it perfect as a countertop wine cellar. It’s very nice, sleek, all black and good looking.

With this small and handy little cooler you’re not limited to only one type of wine. You can easily store red or white wines and adjust the desired temperature thanks to the adjustable digital thermostat. The mysterious soft lightning makes for a perfect display of the bottles as well, so the guests can compliment you on your cool little gadget.

3. AKDY Single Zone Wine Cellar

Another great addition from the AKDY single zone chiller is almost an industrial grade looking cooler. It holds 28 bottles total and it’s a thermoelectric fridge. It’s quite large in size but fits in a lot of places. It’s a fantastic wine cellar and quite affordable. Works in every corner of the house or can be built into the furniture. Definitely worth a look if you don’t want to spend too much money but want something that looks nice and can hold quite a good amount of bottles.

With the thermoelectric fan cooling system, the noise is reduced to a minimum and the vibrations are nearly non-existant. Although this can store up to 28 bottles, you’d be surprised how little energy it consumes and overall cost efficient the entire purchase is.

2. AKDY Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The fantastic AKDY brand has a good reputation of building wine cellars. This particular one holds 21 bottles and even has slide out shelves so you can see exactly which wine you’re going for next. It has two zones, so you can split the temperatures in two different areas and a large glass panel front door that allows you to peak inside to see how many free spots you have left!

With a slick electronic touchpad you can organize your desired temperatures to the exact degree at ease. The numbers and lights are all lit up by blue LED lights for that comfortable mood. Additionally each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty. Click below for more details on Amazon.

1. Avanti Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The Avanti is amazon’s best seller and the best rated by all the customers. It’s a great but compact piece of kit. It holds 12 bottles total and the shape is thin and long so it can fit anywhere. They advertise it as a countertop cooler, so if you’re feeling luxurious you can pop this one on any shelf to show off your wine collection. The reason it has been placed at the number one spot as the best wine cellar might be due to its innovative design, that lets you place up to 4 open bottles whilst the closed ones are waiting for their turn.

The curved glass door and overall modern look just adds to the luxurious feeling and any wine lover will be happy to have this in his house. This truly is a piece of art that not only makes your wine taste better but also helps to make your interior nicer.

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