10 Best Kids Playhouse 2017

10 best kids playhouse gift ideas

At a young age, children love to let their fantasies go wild. What better way to do this with inspiring toys? Owning one of the best kids playhouse can really help activate that story telling mode. Kids love to have these playhouses for many reasons. Besides having a lot of fun with their toy, it is also a healthy way of playing.

Rather than spending time in front of the T.V. through cartoons and video games, which doesn’t necessarily activate a creative side, as the story is pre-set for them, a playhouse is merely an object and the child becomes the author.

In order for you to get a playhouse the kids will enjoy and play with for hours, we have conducted the research and found the top 10 best kids playhouse for you to make the right choice.

What Type of Playhouses Are There?

Playhouses can vary in many different ways. Some are gender oriented while others may be out of different materials. There are playhouses designed to be used for the outsides whilst others are for the inside use only.

Then there are playhouses which come with a lot of dolls and other accessories whilst others are just the playhouse itself. Then of course they can vary in size, quality and much more.

Finally certain playhouses can be theme specific depending on brands such a LEGO and Playmobil.

Benefits of Best Kids Playhouse

As mentioned in the introduction, a playhouse has many benefits. Mainly the stimulation for the young ones. Having the artistic side of a kid go wild is a very important part in the early stages of a child. A playhouse can really increase those skills.

Alternatively, the best kids playhouse will let your child play in their spare time for hours on a day. And once they outgrow the toy, not only will they cherish and remember the toy forever, you can also resell or regift it to other kids.

These types of toys are timeless and will always be fun, regardless in what era we’re living it.

Downsides of Kids Playhouses

As most kids toys, playhouses can be ranging from any price. For the quality ones, you may have to reach deeper in the pocket than you’d like to. However compared to most modern toys, they are still a fraction of the price. Finally they can also take up quite a lot of space and are hard to store away.

On the other hand, they are easy to clean as most little dolls and other accessories and all be stored inside the playhouse itself, rather than lying around on the child’s floor. That way parents won’t have to step on them and feel the pain in their feet!

10. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture 

The KidKraft Chelsea playhouse comes with two staircases and a total of three levels. The open space and windows, which open and close just like in a real house, make the house even more realistic. Of course this playhouse doesn’t come unfurnished.

With 17 pieces of furniture and the large play area, you’ll be able to have more than just one kid playing with it at a time. This obviously  makes it an even better gift for larger families with several kids of the same age or when your child has friends over. Whether this is a birthday gift or just a treat for the little one. It will guarantee to bring some joy in its life. Finally it also houses 4 little dolls that come along with the house.

9. KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

The Dreamy Dollhouse by KidKraft is an excellent dollhouse for any lucky child that gets this in their hands. With 14 pieces of furniture that separate the furniture from regular dollhouses, this really separates the house from regular doll houses. Included are objects like a piano that actually plays music, toilets that make flushing sounds, lamps that switch on and a hanging plant.

On top of that there’s an elevator because only the most luxurious dolls can afford a house with an elevator. It takes them up to all three floors. The material used for the construction of the playhouse are mainly composite wood. As for the assembly, there is an easy guide explaining, step by step how to go about it.

8. Hape – All Seasons Wooden Doll House, Furnished 

If you want to stimulate children’s brain, playhouses such as the All Seasons by Hape will definitely do the trick and strongly help that procedure take its full effect. With the 4 different and unique rooms there is a lot of scenery change and variety the child to go wild with imagination.

As for the construction, there is a very easily depicted illustration in the instruction manual to simplify the process. Of course the materials used to construct the playhouse are all non-toxic and it is completely child safe. The ideal age for the use of the play house is from 3 years old up to around 8. Guaranteed fun with every purchase.

7. KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture 

The Svannah Dollhouse by KidKraft is large enough to fit Barbie sized dolls and other famous fashion dolls up to 12″ tall inside. Additionally it has 3 levels of playing availability. Let the dolls take a life of their own with a realistic looking house and its 13 pieces of furniture. The whole construction is nice, sturdy, colorful and has some interactive by a simple push of a button. They switch on and off at will.

With 4 levels and 6 open spaced rooms, you really have a lot of choice and options to furnish the entire house in limitless ways. The wide windows and plastic staircase which connects the floors together obviously makes a great display from every angle and lets multiple kids play all together. Finally the house is also equipped with an outdoor patio area.

6. Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set 

This side opened dollhouse is ideal for multiple kids to play and go wild with. This obviously means that you’re not restricted to solely purchase this for an individual home or child but can also buy this for schools or nurseries. Another giant benefit of the Hi-Rise, is that the playhouse isn’t gender specific but rather neutral so boys as well as girls can play with it.

Besides the giant option of 6 rooms, the house is also equipped with an elevator and a garage. And as if this weren’t enough pros already, you also get 3 dolls to play with and 15 unique pieces of furniture to liven up the whole scenarios.
A great toy for its value.

5. KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse

As for themed doll houses, there is one theme in particular that little girls love especially. That of course is the magical effect of Cinderella. The dollhouse features an awesome 5 rooms of Cinderella decorated open space and even features little details, such as glass slippers and pillows.

Little princesses all over the world are thrilled once they get their hands on this toy. Of course the theme wouldn’t be complete without the sewing room. This can be viewed and opened by it’s magical gold attic door. The house is constructed so that dolls up to 12″ can fit inside, which most remarkable branded dolls usually are. Everything is constructed out of composite wood as well as other materials such as plastic and fabric.

4. Melissa & Doug Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse 

When you get your hands on a wooden dollhouse such as the Multi-Level dollhouse by Melissa & Doug, you can be sure that this is of the finest quality and will last for generations. With a ton of accessories and movable staircases the fun seems endless as well as timeless. The doors actually open like real doors and there are over 19 pieces of furniture.

That way the craft of interior designing can be established early with the little ones. The entire house is made out of remarkable wood for long lasting quality and small details like staircases are just priceless in its realism.

3. Barbie Dream House (Discontinued by manufacturer) 

Although this is probably every girls dream house, it is also very rare! This is now a limited edition production as the manufacturer discontinued the production. All Barbie dolls will love spending time in their new home. The first floor lets them prepare delicious meals with an oven that lights up. Of course it is a stainless steel construction oven.

The spacious bathroom also has plenty of interactive furniture and appliances. Whether it’s the singing roommate in the shower or the flushing toilet. The realism is endless with this house. Of course a luxury home isn’t complete without an elevator that brings up the girls to the third floor. If you can afford this house you should definitely get your hands on it quick before it is completely sold out.

2. KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

Another very popular theme for girls that has very recently taken over the kids world like a storm, is the one by Disney’s movie Frozen. The Ice castle dollhouse, features many details from the film such as the beautiful staircase and icy throne. There are many rooms and even a balcony and beautiful Frozen-themed artwork along the entire construction. For instance the windows are made out of blue plexiglass, giving the impression that it is actually made out of ice.

In combination with composite wood and molded plastic the castle is more than sturdy. Typical Barbie sized dolls can fit in this castle so whether you want to invite other characters from different universes to the Frozen world, this should be no problem.

1. Calico Critters Calico Cloverleaf Townhome Gift Set 

The Calico Critters cloverleaf Townhome isn’t just a regular playhouse. It is not only fun but also very educational to say the least. Of course this playhouse poses a lot of fun for a variety of ages. Unlike most playhouses, this one offers a ton of accessories. To be exact, it has over 50 in total and with the 4 large rooms, the playtime is almost endless! Additionally there are many add ons you can purchase along with the house.

To ensure that this toy is safe, this house has been quality tested and it’s also performance tested. The playhouse is also the top rated product on Amazon as you can see below by clicking on the button.

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