10 Best Laptop Tablet Hybrid 2017

top 10 best laptop tablet hybrid

The invention of the notebook tablet is becoming more and more popular lately. The best laptop tablet hybrid can easily be purchased with a minor fee and they are incredibly powerful compared to the traditional laptops. It is easy to see how such an invention becomes popular in our current era. With almost everything being mobile these days, it was only a matter of time our laptops became even less of a hassle now that they merged with  tablets.

Often times people are confused when they see those hybrids and assume that the keyboard is just an add-on to a tablet. But what they should understand is that they are not like average tablets. They combine all the functions of a laptop and the ease of use of a tablet.

What Type of Laptop Tablet Hybrids Are There?

Most of these hybrids are very similar. They are exactly like any ordinary laptop, except that when you feel like lying back or commuting anywhere, whether it be a holiday or a bus journey to work, you can easily snap off the screen and continue your work or read an ebook, just like on a regular tablet. Without the keyboard in your way this makes the entire experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Benefits of Best Laptop Tablet Hybrid

Most people find it easier to type or work on keyboards whereas using social media or simply browsing the internet is a lot more enjoyable on a tablet. The best laptop tablet hybrid models make it easy to do both as they merge rather simple. They also don’t cost near as much as the top laptops in todays market. Batteries also last surprisingly long on the better models and the touch responsiveness is incredible.

Downsides of Laptop Tablet Hybrids

If you’re considering to get one of these gadgets, make sure to do your research before. Some of these seem to have a small bug or malfunction where the device doesn’t recognize whether or not the keyboard is attached and flip the screen around even when you’re trying to use it as a laptop. Others have a confusing interface when trying to tap the screen once the keyboards attached.

10. Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013-1566 2-in-1 Tablet & Laptop – (32GB & Windows 10) 

Starting off with a trusted veteran of the laptop market, Acer. Although Acer can produce some really high quality and very advanced Laptops, their notebook tablet hybrids are rather designed for the casual consumer. Having said that, the Aspire Switch is a great gift as it doesn’t cost much and can do everything any other hybrid can. For more specialized products continue reading below.

9. Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-015-198P10.1-inch HD 2-in-1 Tablet & Laptop with Microsoft Office Mobile Apps 

Although Acer is a very well known brand, their laptop tablet hybrids have a rather small storage space compared to most of the below featured models. Although their storage may be small and the processor isn’t the fastest and neither do they have the biggest screens, these models will last you for up to 8 hours. So you could spend a good day on this device without having to recharge it!

8. Lenovo Flex 3 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10) 80R3000UUS

If you’re looking for a laptop tablet hybrid primarily for working purposes and need a lot of storage space, a large screen powerful processor and just a slick design that makes it easy to type on, look no further. Once you’ve typed out all the necessary work you have to get done with, simply snap off the screen and watch some films or simply read one of your favorite novels. The 14-inch touchscreen will make sure you enjoy it!

If you’re a traveler or always on the go but like to read or take your work with you, this is the perfect hybrid for you. With an astonishingly responsive and fast Wifi connection you will have no trouble streaming your Skype calls or downloading documents. With a perfectly sized screen it doesn’t get in your way easily and can be stored away in no time.

6. Lenovo Flex 3 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10) 80R30014US 

If you’re looking for something with a lot of storage space and a nice big screen, this is the right notebook tablet for you! With a 14-inch screen and 1 TB of storage, it will be hard to get your hands off it. Obviously the bigger screen not only makes it more fun to watch or read on the tablet but also makes it a lot easier to work on it like a casual laptop.

5. Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV 13.3 Inch 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD)

Out of all the hybrids this is probably one of the models that has the most remarkable keyboard. As you may already know, Dell is a very trusted brand when it comes to PC’s in general, therefore you have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality. So as for the performance, the individual pieces work together hand in hand and the best comes out of it. Therefore your 8GB RAM sometimes feels stronger and faster than you might expect.


4. ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR 10.1-Inch 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop (Cherry Trail Quad-Core Z8500 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Windows 10)

If you’re looking for a model that isn’t too expensive and don’t necessarily spend hours a day on your laptop but rather just use it occasionally, this is probably the right model for you. It has one of the smaller sized screens as it’s designed to be used more as a tablet than a laptop. However this doesn’t mean you can’t use it as both. Don’t let the looks deceive you, as it still has incredible power and work will still be able to be done on it!

3. HP Pavilion 13-s128nr x360 13.3-Inch Full-HD 2-in-1 Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) with Windows 10 

The most flexible of its kind! The HP Pavilion can bend its keyboard almost all the way back. This lets you watch TV-shows or any other type of videos even more conveniently as you don’t need to hold onto to the tablet the entire time you’re watching the video. With a full HD and 2.3Ghz Dual core processor, images will stream on that tablet like on a top notch Television.

2. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12″ Tablet (Black)

When the hybrids entered the market, it was only a matter of time Samsung would come along and show them what their mobile game can provide! Because they are no amateurs in the mobile department, it is almost evident they produced one of the best notebook tablets around. The TabPro lasts about 10.5 hours on a single charge! With 4GB RAM you know that work and pleasure can be done at ease on this gadget.

1. Microsoft Surface Book (512 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce graphics) 

It doesn’t come to a surprise that the number one of the list is from Apples biggest competitor. The Microsoft Surface Book has one of the most incredible graphics as well as one of the best resolutions on the screen. On top of all the internal functions, this notebook tablet has the ridiculous featherweight of 3.48 pounds making it even easier for you to enjoy it while you’re out and about.