10 Best Pokemon Clothing 2017

top 10 best pokemon clothing

Almost anyone that was in his early teens in the mid-90’s was somewhat obsessed with the Japanese phenomenon called Pokémon. Now that the Pokémon Go game has been released, not only are the teens from the 90’s now in their late 20’s but they’re getting back in the hype. The best way to celebrate and enjoy this hype is by getting involved in some of the Pokemon clothing available.

It’s fascinating to see something so old come back into life with such a storm and even more so, seeing old and young people enjoying it and making new friends and connections. All of which includes some fresh air and physical activity.

Especially now, with the latest Pokemon Go game that has launched a worldwide phenomenon, this is the perfect timing to look at the best pokemon clothing. This way you can ensure to become a Pokemaster. The recent launch of Pokemon Go has caught everyone by surprise. A lot of people are going around town, the parks and everywhere playing this game.

It’s a great way to meet people and have fun in the outdoors, whether you’re with friends or sharing some time with your child. It’s a great way to bond together and become closer with each other. The Pokemon clothing will definitely add to this flair. If you’re a fan of pokemon, then you’re going to love our best pokemon clothing review.

What Type of Pokemon Clothes Are There?

When it comes to this franchise, there really is no holding back. Everything from pokemon t-shirts to pokemon socks can be found these days. If you’re planning on going to a cool dress up party there is even some fashion gear for that. Little accessories can also be found as well as something rather “sexy” for the girls if that’s what you are looking for!

There’s definitely the stuff available for the boys and die hard fans of the genre, but also some cutesy stuff for girls who enjoy Pokemon. This is fantastic way to express yourself and your love for one of the biggest phenomena that’s ever happened.

There’s also nice full body suits which are really fun to wear, and also socks that you can mix and match with your clothing to make things a lot more interesting. The girls clothing is the definitely something that’s really catchy and interesting to look out for!

Benefits of Best Pokemon Clothing

The Pokémon Go app itself has generated a massive community of people simply getting together and discussing their newly caught monsters. Some even discuss strategies and meet up while others organize events to hunt together. Having said that, there’s obviously benefits in wearing gear of the same team or simply a basic pokemon cap or t-shirt to show you’re also playing.

This could quite easily and joyfully create new friendships and always puts a smile to other gamers faces. Another great aspect is expressing yourself, enjoying yourself and your love for the great game.

Downsides of Pokemon Clothing

Although it is really fun to be wearing some of the clothes, it might be a bit strange to see some adults looking like anime characters when they’re not playing the game. However, this shouldn’t bother anyone because everyone should wear and feel the way they want to without feeling insecure. Just make sure you’re not wearing a cheap knockoff with misspelled writing on it!

10. Custom Men’s Pokemon Pikachu Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt Tee

Want to have a T-shirt with Pikachu looking cute and tough at the same time? Then have a look at the selection of T-shirts available by Lgfuh! Fun and joyful this shirt shows that you’re always up for a good laugh and not afraid to show it. Join the Pokémon hype by wearing a shirt as you walk along the streets with your Pikachu by your side!

This is a cute shirt of Pikachu wearing the hat of his pokemaster. The shirt is black and made of full cotton which is really comfortable and also washing machine washable. A fantastic gift or perfect for yourself!

9. Woman’s Cartoon Pokemon Pikachu Baby Low-waist Panty

Every gamer boyfriend will appreciate his girl wear one of these. With many different images to choose from, these panties which are also incredibly comfortable are a great purchase! Put a smile to you and your significant other whilst getting some nostalgic feelings back wearing these cute panties.

The cute little pikachu on the back is looking quite embarrassed and fun at the same time. This is another great addition to your wardrobe and a fantastic way to express yourself with your favorite love for your favorite pokemon clothing.

8. IYaYa Pokemon Go Drawstring Backpack Travel Bag

When you’re playing Pokémon Go, you’re always on the go… Therefore it is wise to bring a backpack with you and some supplies, so you don’t run out of energy. What better backpack than a pokemon go one? It can obviously be used for more than just playing the game and is perfect for occasions such as quick trip to the pool or gym as well as picnics and just general outings.

Coming in at number eight for our best pokemon clothing list, this drawstring backpack is great for carrying around your nifty little things that you might not want to put in your pocket. Super easy and great to carry around while having the pokeball on the front.

7. 3D Digital Printing Pokemon Pikachu Bikini Suit Sexy Cute Beach Swimwear(8 styles)

Want to make an impression at the beach or simply look adorable? Then make sure to browse around the many gamer options for your bikini selection. Wether it’s pokeballs or actual pokemons displayed on your bikini, it will look unique and gamers all over will appreciate it! Even as a non Pokémon fan this will be nice to look at and come across really cute!

This really great looking bikini is the perfect gift for the pokefan that loves to wear a great swimsuit on the beach. Just in time for the summer, this is will be a great addition to your closet and for the beach.

6. Socksense Pokemon Women’s Ankle Socks 4pairs(4color)=1pack Made in Korea

Want to have the cutest socks in the universe? Well these are most possibly the ones. With some of our favourite Pokémons on top and incredible material for long lasting effect, these socks are not only super comfortable but will also keep your Pokémon spirits high! It’s not often you see a product that highly rated!

These socks are really awesome and super handy to slip on. They’ve got pikachu, charmander, and squirrel, which are some of the classic pokemon you catch at the beginning. You can wear these with all sorts of clothes, making it fun and enjoyable at the same time!

5. WOWcosplay Pikachu Onesie Kigurumi Pajamas Unisex Adult Cosplay Costume Animal

Everyone loves a Onesie but especially when it’s in the shape of one of the most iconic Pokémons. Comfortable and funny at the same time, this onesie is the perfect gift for a true fan. Also great for cosplays and dress up parties. But maybe you don’t want to go hunt Pokémons in this outfit as you’ll be rather warm very quick!

This awesome onesie is super fun, comfy and a great to enjoy yourself. You can use this as cosplay or even use as a fun little pajama in the evenings. Whether you’re by yourself on a cold winter night or having a slumber party, this is the perfect one!

4. Aitada Women Sexy Sleeveless Camis Crop Top Cartoon Cross Halter Top Tanks Tops

This cute crop top comes in one size but has several different images you can have on top of it. Make sure to have a look at the Pikachu one because it will most likely be the cutest one available. This is the perfect crop top for those of you who like to smile and enjoy the sun a little!

Number four in our best pokemon clothing, is this fantastic Squirrel top. It has straps that go around your belly which add a level of sex-appeal to it, and it will definitely look great with daisy dukes as seen in the example photo.

3. Pokemon Go Shirt Team Valor Emblem Logo Pokémon GO Shirt Gym Unisex

Want people to instantly recognize in which team you belong and what gym you will defend with your honour? Make sure to get the different symboled shirts for your team! Walk around and get your teammates to join you as you defend the gym and claim back those you have lost by adding your strongest Pokémons to it.

In third for our best pokemon clothing is this great team valor logo, which comes in all red. This is a great shirt while being casual and also showing your love for the game. You can wear this while going out playing the new pokemon go game, as you can represent which team you are with!

2. CHICOCO Realistic 3d Printed Crewneck Short Sleeve Tee T-shirts

The pixellated Pokeball imprinted on the T-shirt makes for an iconic and great look. The greatest thing about this shirt, is that it’s not that obvious for non-Pokémon-connoisseurs to see what the shirt is about. But all the true fans will instantly recognize and enjoy the look of it. Therefore it can be worn quite casually.

This is a fantastic shirt, which is casual looking but also ultra hip. If you didn’t know pokemon, you’d still think this was an awesome shirt. It is definitely a great shirt for anyone who is looking to spruce up their wardrobe. The red and white add a great contrast which you can mix and match with other clothes.

1. Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Snapback Cap Trainer Hat for Adult Embroidered

Of course there’s no better item to put at number one than the classic Ash Ketchum baseball snapback cap. It’s the most iconic Pokémon trainer cap and a must have if you’re walking around in the sun all day looking for these little creatures. Surprisingly cheap and adjustable to any head size, this hat cannot be missing in your outfit.

Definitely belonging in number one for our best pokemon clothing, this hat is great. It’s hip and easy to wear with other clothes, while probably being the ultimate pokemon clothing available that is subtle and not too flashy. Be sure to get your’s right now before they’re out!